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The teaching of phonics is based on a progamme of work called 'Letters and Sounds'.

Letters and Sounds

This is designed to introduce your child to the names of the letters e.g. a, b,c etc , but also to the sounds they make e.g. 'a', 'b', 'c' and how the letters combine to make sounds e.g. 'th'

For further understanding please click visit this website to take you through the principles of the programme of work and how it works.

Throughout the Year we will run 'Phonic United' mornings for you to come into school and see the phonics work in action. Please look out for these through the Year group newsletters.

Letters and sounds is broken down into phases.

As your child secures a phase they then move onto the next phase. Click the links below for an overview of each phase.

Letters and sounds Overview

Letters and sounds Phase 1

Letters and sounds Phase 2

Letters and sounds Phase 3

Letters and sounds Phase 4

Letters and Sounds Phase 5

Letters and Sounds Phase 6

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