Welcome to Our School

Standens Barn Primary

Thank you for visiting Standens Barn School's website. We are a primary school for 4-11 year olds based in Standens Barn, Northampton.

We believe that education is seen as relevant when it is delivered in an exciting and stimulating way.  We encourage children to be creative, to try out ideas and explore their learning.  We also believe that this is best achieved alongside the teaching of reading, writing and mathematical concepts in order for the children to have a good grasp of the basics.

Choosing a school for your son and daughter is always a difficult time and as parents we take into account many pieces of information. The one thing I would stress, is that it is definitely worth a visit to a school to see if its ethos and way of working is what you are looking for.

On our website you will find information by clicking the headings at the top and down the left hand side and hopefully this will give you an idea or flavour of our school, but I would still urge you to visit any schools that you have chosen for consideration.

Our curriculum is based around the subjects in the National Curriculum, but weaved together under an exciting and creative themed approach e.g. The Romans; The Rainforest and for the older ones deep thinking ones like Prejudice.

We also recognise that schools are social places too and so we offer over 20 different clubs throughout the year ranging from football to dance to art. These are skills that equip children to socialise and to be a part of the world that they are growing up in and develop the social skills that help them do this.

I am incredibly proud of the children and their achievements and the staff that work with them to help them learn, grow and develop into the BEST they can be. Our motto supports us with this work and the My Best, Your Best, Our Best is about the children developing as individuals and together and we have a great team here to help your child do that. Again, please make a visit to the school, I think you will be pleasantly impressed by what you see and how we work. Thank you.

Mr S Blight