Standens Barn Primary School

My Best, Your Best, Our Best!

Our Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision, values and aims

Our Vision

The Governors vision is to make Standens Barn Primary School an excellent school

This is created through the overarching vision of the school to give the children the skills to be independent, confident and self-led learners, who are brave, enthusiastic, safe and thoughtful.

The children are encouraged to cooperate and given opportunities to develop their individual academic potential and are guided to self-responsibility, while being mindful of the rights of others.

Our Values

Celebrating achievements and sharing success 

Being positive, fair and consistent with clear expectations 

Providing challenge in a supportive and encouraging environment 

Listening, being approachable and valuing the views and opinions of others 

To teach children to be Brave, Enthusiastic, Safe and Thoughtful and to act accordingly


Our aims are to send children out from Standens Barn Primary school who: