Standens Barn Primary School

My Best, Your Best, Our Best!


To find out information about the Reception class please click on the link below:

This document will have been sent out to all Parents at the beginning of the year.

Please click the links below to see further information about the curriculum. The first one gives you an overview of the key skills that will be taught and the outcomes that your children are working on during each term.

Key Skills Covered Each Term Over the Year Reception.pdf 


Foundation Term 4 newsletter cover sheet 2017_18.pdf

Foundation Term 4 newsletter zebra discovery sheet 2017_18.pdf

Foundation Term 3 newsletter zebra discovery sheet 2017_18.pdf


Chaplins panto Aladdin 2017.pdf

giraffe discovery sheet term 2 2017_18 (1).pdf

zebra discovery sheet term 2 2017_18.pdf

key skills term 2 2017_18.pdf

newsletter cover sheet term 2 2017_18.pdf


Term 1 newsletter key skills

Zebra Staff 2017_18.pdf

Giraffe Staff

Foundation Stage Parent Information Book 2017-2018.pdf

Foundation Term 1 newsletter front.pdf